Series: Traffics and Discoveries

Traffics and Discoveries was a collection of short stories published by Rudyard Kipling in 1904.


The Captive

"He that believeth shall not make haste."--_Isaiah_. The guard-boat lay across the mouth of the bathing-pool, her crew idly spanking the water with the flat of their oars. A red-coated militia-man, rifle in hand, sat at the bows, and a petty officer at the stern. Between the snow-white cutter and ...

The Bonds Of Discipline

As literature, it is beneath contempt. It concerns the endurance, armament, turning-circle, and inner gear of every ship in the British Navy--the whole embellished with profile plates. The Teuton approaches the matter with pagan thoroughness; the Muscovite runs him close; but the Gaul, ever an ...

A Sahibs’ War

Pass? Pass? Pass? I have one pass already, allowing me to go by the _rel_ from Kroonstadt to Eshtellenbosch, where the horses are, where I am to be paid off, and whence I return to India. I am a--trooper of the Gurgaon Rissala (cavalry regiment), the One Hundred and Forty-first Punjab Cavalry, Do ...

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