Honesty Is Best Policy – Kids Moral Story

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A milkman became very wealthy through dishonest means.

He had to cross a river daily to reach the city where his customers lived.

He mixed the water of the river generously with the milk that he sold for a good profit.

One day he went around collecting the dues in order to celebrate the wedding of his son.

With the large amount thus collected he purchased plenty of rich clothes and glittering gold ornaments.

But while crossing the river the boat capsized and all his costly purchases were swallowed by the river.

The milk vendor was speechless with grief. At that time he heard a voice that came from the river, “Do not weep.

What you have lost is only the illicit gains you earned through cheating your customers.

Moral: Honest dealings are always supreme. Money earned by wrong methods will never remain for ever.


Honesty Is Best Policy – Kids Moral Story